Dr. Atiksh Singh

Dr. Atiksh Singh

Managing Director Major S.D Singh University

Greetings from the Major SD Singh University Farrukhabad!

MSDSU with its strong substratum background of cultural and moral values has tried to provide the best education, research innovation, job opportunities and overall development to its students.

It has created a platform that provides the world-class education and ethical values which help growing India along with making its mark in the Globe.

We have proved ourselves as a glittering oyster in the ocean of education and through various co-curricular activities by our students have raised the standard of people who are far from our reach and even far from meeting the basic necessities of life.

It would be a golden opportunity for all the youths who want to explore the unrivalled corridors of the developing society that will give you the glimpse of a perfect future.

Come, join and give voice to your unsaid dreams. At MSDSU, We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We provide such education as would enable the student to earn more.



Dr. Atiksh Singh

MSDS University, Farrukhabad