Classrooms: The lecture halls and tutorial rooms are fully air-conditioned and are meticulously built to create a high-quality learning environment. Faculty members can arrange interactive teaching sessions with students and make learning a unique experience using the best teaching aids and current multimedia technology.


  • The institution has a well-equipped digital library with 30 PC nodes and IBM INTEL Core-based servers connected via a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Optic/ in a distributed Windows and Linux environment. 
  • A 200 Mbps leased connection connects all of these nodes to the internet. MS Project, SPSS, and SQL server are the commonly used application software. 
  • High-speed LaserJet Network printers are accessible at the Major S.D Singh University library for scanning and printing. 

Computer Resources

  • Major S.D Singh University has a strong Wi-Fi network throughout the campus. It has sophisticated IT infrastructure, including appropriate systems loaded with licenced operating systems and software packages. 
  • HP Servers, including domain controllers, DNS servers, mail servers, proxy servers, database servers, and print servers, serve the network infrastructure. The power infrastructure includes a heavy-duty, uninterruptible power supply for all systems and servers to prevent data loss.
  • The entire campus has high-speed internet access. Fast internet connectivity is critical for staff and students at the institute to conduct academic research and development activities.

Cafeteria: Major S.D Singh University infrastructure features a well-ventilated dining hall and cafeteria to eat nutritious food. Professional personnel run the dining hall, which serves sanitary and fresh vegetarian meals. The café serves a good range of multi-cuisine pleasures. Along with a Café Coffee Day outlet, a special coffee area sponsored by Nestle serves hot Nescafe and Nestea. There are zero-B water coolers on every floor of every building for safe drinking water.


  • The dorms are surrounded by lush green grass and sports fields on campus. There is no power outage in the hostels. Indoor games such as TT, carom, chess, and others are also available. 
  • A warden oversees the administration of the hostel. Students enjoy a welcoming and comfortable environment and a sense of community and fraternity. 
  • Major S.D Singh University hostel canteen provides students with hygienic, high-quality cuisine produced by properly trained cooks. The meals served in the hostel mess are healthy and filling. 
  • The mess caters to the diverse gastronomic interests of the students from various locations. The students create and manage the mess menu in collaboration with the caterer and administration.
  • Rented private apartments are a common choice for students who prefer to live independently and in smaller groups. The houses are located in Farrukhabad  renowned student districts and are close to bus and vehicle connections.

Security: Major S.D Singh University facilities include a unique security system to protect its students, teachers, and the entire campus. Each academic and hostel block has its own security system. When accessing the campus, identity cards must always be displayed. In addition, a CCTV and alarm system monitors crucial areas. When the fire alarm system is activated, the institution has also ensured prompt emergency removal. 

Sports Facilities

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics
  • Table Tennis


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